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Diary Of Broken HEART
We were just friends at the start,
Always having fun, never apart
Then one day, something sparked
The next thing I knew, you had my heart.

The days flew by,
I lost track of time
Everytime I was with you,
I was on cloud nine.

Then one day, you asked me to be your girlfriend
I exclaimed, yes! and prayed we’d last until the very end.
No one could look into my eyes and say I wasn’t happy,
Happy that I was with you, and you were with me.

With me in your arms, you told me you loved me,
Then gently kissed my forehead and gave me a squeeze.
I was convinced you were the one for me,
Apart from you, I would never be.

Just when I thought all was well,
Was when you began to put me through hell.
You said, we should just be friends
That’s when I knew it was the end.

I looked into your eyes, trying to find out why,
It was all I could do, not to begin to cry.
Where I once saw love, I saw nothing,
I couldn’t believe you no longer felt something.

I lay in bed, counting my tears,
Each representing what I’d hoped would be years.
Years of happiness, for us to be together,
A long-lived life, forever and ever.

But in my heart, I know this will never be,
For in yours, no longer is there a place for me.
I gave you my all; I gave you my heart,
Little did I know that you’d tear it apart.

Everyday I place a smile on my face,
As for tears, there is not a trace.
You ripped me apart, but yet it’s true,
Forever and always, I’ll still love you.

You Are My Everything
You are my everything
My heart and soul
I thought I had dug my grave
But you pulled me out of that hole

When I am lost in the dark
You are my shinning light
You chase away the darkness
That haunts my dreams at night

You are my strength
That carries me to another tomorrow
You are my hope
That replaced my everlasting sorrow

You are my healer
That healed all my scars
You are my angel
Sent from the brightest of stars

When I thought there was nothing more
And my life was at an end
You came into my life
And my heart you did mend

You are my joy
That filled my empty heart
You made my life whole
When it was torn apart

When I found you
I was free from all torment
You are my angel
That was heaven sent

You mean so much to me
You are the only one I adore
You are my everything
I could ask for nothing more

The feeling in my heart and in my mind
The first time we talked there was something about you
As we talked on the phone you had my full attention
I lingered on your voice hoping you would say those five words
And when you did I was so overwhelmed I missed it

The next day when I got to hang out with you was more than I ever expected
When I looked into your eyes I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be
Lying in your arms I realized that I might never get the chance to feel
this way again
So I decided that if being with you was a risk then I was willing to take it

After I left that night so many thoughts ran through my head
I wondered if you were feeling exactly the same way I was
I wanted to know what it was that was going on inside your head
I was hoping that what I was feeling was more than just butterflies in
my stomach

I spent the whole night wondering what would happen next
I realized that nothing was like I ever expected it to be
Even though I had put up a wall to keep all those others on the outside
You found the one little crack and seemed to work your way inside

Once I figured out what was truly going on inside my heart
There were so many things that I wanted to say to you
I wanted to let you know how much you truly meant to me
I wanted to tell you that I wasn’t sure if I could make it without you

But at first I just couldn’t find the words to say exactly how I feel
I was afraid to let you know that you had found a way inside
I was worried that if I let you know how I felt you wouldn’t feel the
same way
But I took a risk and let you know how much you truly meant to me

Now that you know how I feel I’m so scared that you’ll just fade away
But no matter what happens I want you to know something
I need you to know that I would never trade you for anything in the world
I would take a thousand painful moments just to spend the rest of my
life with you

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